Past clients

Ericka Dunlap 2004 Miss America

Hasheem Francis Entrepreneur/ book writer/ owner of Built To Prosper Magazine etc.

Stacy Johnson pro dancer/artist

Majestic Muzik Artist/Producer/ graphic designer/ computer tech/ song writer etc.

Queen shay Artist/ song writer/ business management etc.

Keesha Rivers Fla Vore productions / marketing / sbo/ mentoring etc.

Joshlee Ulysse Artist/song writer

Rodney Green pro sprinter 100m

Anglica JellyJellz Halo Music artist/ Actor / Pilot etc.

Christine Vest Artist/ song writer

Antonious Colts Artist/song writer etc.

Courtney Patterson pro sprinter 100m

George Williams II Spoken Word Artist

Eric Green Fashion jewelry designer

And many more........

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