My Bio

Born and raised in Kissimmee, Florida. Lee's love of art and photography began while he was in elementary school. As a young child Lee loved to take photos with the family camera, along with entering into drawing contest. After being mentored in videography and photography by his friend and church member Tarik. Lee's hobby eventually blossomed into a lifelong passion. With Tarik's mentorship and the direction and guidance of other professionals in the field of photography; along with Lee's dedication, hard work and God's grace, Lee sharpened his God given talent. Which includes; videography, photography and graphic design. Lee continues to use his talent to produce images for magazines, businesses, industry models, and families throughout the Central Florida area. Gospel Now, RYSE ,and Built to Prosper magazine are a few of the magazines in which Lee's work has been published. Lee is passionate about his craft. He takes his clients work as personal as his own. He is punctual, dependable and always gets the job done .

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